Revisiting a changing home?

A few years ago, some lexicographers (those are people who write dictionaries – yes, someone has to write dictionaries, but that’s a whole other post) asked me to pick a word that had some meaning to me, and then share a story related to it.

I picked the word ‘home’, and wrote what it meant to me. You can read the full piece here, but I wanted to quote one particular sentence:

…Asking ‘where is home?’ invites us to consider how we currently – as well as aspire to – relate with the continually changing mix of people, spaces, and values that surrounds us.

It’s a variation on ‘where are you really from?‘ that we explored a little while ago. But I wanted to highlight the issue of change. Lots of things potentially change in our lives: the people around us, who we want to be, our jobs, which box sets we’re currently bingeing on.

This makes me wonder how we deal with change–and how our reactions to changes around us (so, not those changes we necessarily initiated) might impact how we think about the places we call ‘home’.

How has your ‘home’ changed? Has this impacted how you view it–with more nostalgia, apprehension, connection, something else?